dog Who Was avoided – Because Of The Way – He Looked Finally Finds

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This was the sad truth of a rescue dog named Brickle that had a very difficult life. Brickle was a rescue at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida, where he spent all his days in a kennel feeling sad and depressed. This poor boy was overlooked by everyone because he just wasn’t overly excited like other dogs. No one wanted to give him a chance, but then one family walked in and changed his life forever. They wanted to show the world that one rescue dog can indeed change your life.

Years before adopting Brickle, Rachel and her husband decided to make a major lifestyle change. In 2015, they sold their house, bought an RV, and decided to travel the USA and visit animal shelters. “He is unlike any other person, dog, individual that I have ever met,” Rachel explained. “He can know my moods instantly. I suffer a lot from depression, and he has saved my life many times because he keeps me going.”
Although you’ll rarely see Brickle show his emotions, when he does it truly feels like a gift. Brickle is a truly unique dog that is so grateful for his new chance in life and opportunity to travel and explore.

He will sit by an ocean, on the shore, and he will stare at the waves for hours, and I wonder, what is he thinking about?,” Brickle’s mom said. Sadly, last year, the family lost their beloved Digby. He was not only Brickle’s brother, but also his best friend and companion, so losing him was very difficult for Brickle. He was very consumed by his grief and didn’t have the energy to do anything.

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