Puppy Was Found Napping In A Pile Of Tiles !

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The lives of stray dogs are unimaginably sad. Every day, they fight to survive, as they wander the streets in search of food and shelter.
They need a home and wonderful humans who would hug them and make them feel loved and important. As days go by and they continue living on the streets, they begin losing hope of making their wish come true.

Arnia was one of those stray dogs who gave up all hope of finding loving humans who would show her what happiness feels like. The staff members of Howl Of A Dog, a nonprofit animal rescue organization, heard about these doggos and rushed to rescue them. Once they arrived at the scene, they searched for the pooches. When they saw them lying helplessly on the tiles with a dejected look on their faces, they were left heartbroken. One of the rescuers approached Arnia and tenderly stroked her head. The pup was glad to feel the gentle touch of a human.

Arnia was immediately taken to see the vet. She was severely anemic and underweight, weighing 13 pounds, which is half the normal weight for her size. Arnia was glad to soak up all that love that she missed while living as a stray. She enjoyed curling up in her shelter friends’ laps. She felt safe and loved. After a month, Arnia was unrecognizable. The shelter staff were overjoyed to witness her transformation. Their girl turned into a happy dog who had a big smile on her face. Her tail was wagging non-stop. She began enjoying her life. She could finally be a real dog.

Arnia is around 2-3 years old but she doesn’t know that. She thinks she’s just a puppy, and acts accordingly… She’s the happiest dog now, finding joy and fun even in the most ordinary things,” the shelter staff said.

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